Enrico Tan

— Entrepreneur, Marketer & Designer

Ever since I was nine, I have been obsessed by the operation of technology. I wanted to know how something worked, so I could then develop it myself. This is how I became passionate about design.

Design is a broad concept. Because it is not only about Photoshop, but also carefully analyzing what the wishes of the end consumer are, in order to come up with something that fulfills their needs. It’s therefore about setting up complete companies, but also designing a website and logo.

I like to be challenged. I taught myself about entrepreneurship. I already started doing so when I was in primary school. I (co)founded various (multinational) companies, mostly in the hosting, telecommunications and services sector. When I was only eleven years old, I started my own non-profit organization to discourage bullying. This organization received attention in the media at a national level.

Nowadays, I am engaged in improving the world in a creative and innovative way. Sincerely helping people through smart thinking is what I like to do best. Design is the perfect way to do that.

Because everything is design. Design is everything. Every word that you read, every app that you use and every thing you touch. Everything has been thought about. About every word, every letter, every color and every pixel.

Design is the most powerful thing that exists in this universe. With design you can change things. You can create. But you can also destroy. Either way, you can make an impact on people. Make an impact on the world. And that’s my purpose. Change the world, with design.

Changing the world is exactly what we need right now. We need to make things simple. Because there are so many things complicated. Like the law. Or tax return. Even traveling by public transport is difficult. We can change all those things. Right now.

We can change everything. Make it simple. Unfortunately, people like simple, but most people don’t do simple. I still don’t understand why. I don’t like complicated things.

That’s why I like futuristic and minimalistic design. Just keep it simple. With creative simplification and innovation I can really make an impact on people’s life. I can really add value to the world.